Ortho Europe Pre-flexed Suspension Sleeve

Suspension sleeves attach to a user’s prosthesis, rolling onto their thigh creating a secure seal that holds the prosthesis on the limb. They can be used as a primary or secondary suspension method.

The Ortho Europe Pre-flexed Suspension Sleeve offers 15° of pre-flexion, this makes it easier to bend which helps give the user an increased range of motion and rotational stability, and results in reduced bunching behind the knee.

The Pre-flexed sleeve features TPE gel with a uniform thickness of 3mm which delivers maximum cushioning, increased comfort, enhanced durability, whilst minimising shearing loads. Ortho Europe Pre-flexed Suspension Sleeves are available in a range of sizes and in either Black, Grey, or Buff.

Features and Benefits

  • High adhesion and excellent comfort
  • Highly stretchable outer fabric 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane supports easy donning
  • Available in one length that accommodates most users

Measuring Guide

Measure circumference around mid-patella (A) and the thigh circumference 20cm above mid patella (B)

Ordering Information

Ortho Europe Pre-flexed Suspension Sleeve Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
(Colour - Buff)
Product Code
(Colour - Black)
Product Code
(Colour - Grey)
Lower Circumference
Upper Circumference
SmallOESLP-S-HOESLP-S-SOESLP-S-G15-22cm25-36cm43 cm
MediumOESLP-M-HOESLP-M-SOESLP-M-G19-28cm29-43cm43 cm
LargeOESLP-L-HOESLP-L-SOESLP-L-G22-37cm35-50cm43 cm


Suspension & Pre-flexed Sleeves Sales Sheet

Ortho Europe Suspension Sleeves IFU

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