One Transtibial System

The One Transtibial System by WillowWood is a comprehensive kit using elevated vacuum suspension to provide a secure, comfortable and straightforward solution for TT amputees. Utilising two seal points to maintain airtight qualities, the system is easy to don and doff, and promotes limb health and stability through use of a total surface weight-bearing socket. The system consists of several components:


Features and Benefits

  • Increased comfort
  • Stabilised environment
  • Improved range of knee motion
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy donning/doffing
  • Compatible with various amputee activity levels
  • LimbLogic can be controlled via app
  • Closer fit with residual limbs and greater sense of security

Recommendations for use

  • Transtibial amputees
  • Patients feeling insecure in their current prosthesis
  • Patients who would benefit from better limb health
  • Low to high activity users


Product weightDistal mount: 225g
Product heightDistal mount: 36mm
Patient weight limit160kg for level 3
136kg for level 4
Alpha Duo Liner with One Gel Sock
StyleSymmetrical 4.5mm
Interface materialClassic Gel/Silicone
SizesMedium, Medium Plus, Large, Large Plus, Extra Large
One Sleeve
Interface materialSilicone. Pre-flexed 22.5 degrees. Fabric adhered to proximal and distal areas, non-fabric proximal portion may be trimmed if required.
SizesSmall, Medium, Large, Extra Large
One Transtibial System
WarrantyLimbLogic pump: 24 months
Liner/Sock: 12 months
Sleeve: 3 months
Definitive socket: 2 months
Trial period30 days

Ordering information

To order or for more information please contact our customer service team on or call 01235 552895


One TT System Sales Sheet

LimbLogic Prosthetist Instructions

One TT System User Instructions

LimbLogic Quick-Start Guide

One TT System Prosthetist Instructions


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