Omo-Hit Abduction

Shoulder joint orthosis for 30° abduction positioning.

Features and benefits

  • Anatomically shaped cushion for precise and secure arm positions
  • Thumb strap for added stability
  • Ball for hand positioning and training
  • Optimum strap guide and fastening enable easy handling
  • Shoulder strap quick release for one-handed application
  • Strap system can be easily adjusted to the correct length
  • Sling made of open mesh, a breathable material for comfort and hygiene
  • Neck/shoulder pad ensures relief of pressure in the neck region


  • Mobilisation after shoulder stiffness
  • Subacromial bursitis impingment
  • Pre and post-operative following trauma and/or joint replacement
  • In conservative treatment of shoulder/arm injuries
  • Injuries/ruptures of the rotator cuff
  • All conditions which require fixing of the arm in the abduction position

Ordering Information

Part NumberSizeLength of Forearm
OE-7294-SSmallUp to 27cm
OE-7294-XLX LargeAbove 38cm

Can be worn Left and Right

Colour: Black


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