OMEGA® Software

The OMEGA software has been completely redesigned with clinicians in mind. The software is workflow intuitive, efficient and easy to manage.

Shapes may be imported from OMEGA v12, created by measurement, or scanned by the OMEGA Scanner 3D. Clinicians can align orthotic & prosthetic shapes using a revamped alignment screen which provides three viewpoints. From then on, a clinician may customize the order of the program’s modification tools to their preferred workflow order in order to increase efficiency.  With colour-coded rectification, and savable ‘shape templates’, the Omega software has been designed to improve repeatability and accuracy of rectification.

Features and benefits
  • User interface has a modern design and is easy to follow
  • Easily create, search, and store patient files electronically
  • Software design is around a customizable ‘stack’ of tools grouped by task: shape capture, modification, and fabrication.
  • Enhanced measurement options
  • Reports for transtibial, transfemoral, and cranial shape files detail the modifications made to shapes.
  • Print measurements and shape files
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