Olecrarom Elbow

With mouldable, padded aluminium bicep and forearm cuffs and telescoping side bars, the Olecrarom Elbow brace can be adjusted to almost all sizes for the perfect fit every time. With easy push button range of motion adjustability and a drop lock mechanism to lock the brace in multiple different angles, the Olecrarom Elbow can be set in a static range of motion (ROM) post injury/surgery and unlocked periodically so the patient can exercise their elbow through a restricted ROM. Optional press button detachable sling included with every brace.

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable bicep and forearm cuffs
  • Telescopic sidebars
  • Push button ROM adjustment
  • Fastening clips allow one handed don/doff


  • Radial head fracture/surgery
  • Elbow tendon/ligament repair
  • Post elbow dislocation
  • Stable fractures of the distal humerus

Measuring Guide

The Olecrarom Elbow is universally sized. One size fits most. Comes in right or left.

Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)

Pronation/Supination Bar:

SizeProduct Code (Universal)

*Fits both left and right braces. Sold separately.


Olecrarom Elbow IFU

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