The dynamic custom-made OdrA knee brace offers a unique mechanical solution for the pain caused by medial compartment osteoarthritis (OA).

OrdA introduces a twin 'distraction-rotation' action to relieve knee pain:

  • Medial hinge lengthens the brace when the leg is extended, creating a distraction between the femur and tibia, and reducing pressure on the painful knee joint
  • Lateral hinge shifts the joint back along its midline, rotating the foot outwardly to block the abduction that causes painful pinching in the knee

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-made to a cast of patient's lower limb; fully adaptable to all body shapes
  • AK and BK joint uprights provide more stability than other braces
  • Immediate and comfortable mechanical effect
  • May be worn on each knee at the same time
  • Can be worn for over eight hours per day, and whilst practising sport
  • Low-profile: weights 500g, and measures 30cm in length
  • 2-year warranty


  • Medial compartment osteoarthritis
  • Pain during physical activity and when using stairs
  • Intolerance of anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Patients on a knee-surgery waiting list

OdrA is not suitable for lateral compartment OA.


Ordering Information

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