NeuroLift Shoulder

The NeuroLift Shoulder is indicated for the support, stabilisation and elevation of the shoulder when weakness or paralysis of the upper limb(s) are involved. The circumferential forearm cuff which attaches to the patient adjustable colour coded strapping system, provides shoulder elevation and gleno-humeral joint congruity when it is needed most post stroke (CVA) or to support paralysis around the shoulder and arm caused by other neuromuscular conditions. Constructed of breathable Airprene.

Features and benefits

  • Breathable Airprene fabric
  • Easy colour coded strapping system
  • Low profile Velcro and straps
  • Adjustable bicep and forearm cuffs


  • Stroke (CVA)
  • Subluxation of the shoulder
  • Paralysis of the arm
  • Peripheral nerve weakness

Measuring Guide

To find your size in the NeuroLift Shoulder, measure the chest circumference and the forearm circumference at its widest point.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)Chest Circumference (cm)Forearm Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
1ORT2-7261-1-LTORT2-7261-1-RTUp to 90cmUp to 25cm
2ORT2-7261-2-LTORT2-7261-2-RT90 - 105cmUp to 25cm
3ORT2-7261-3-LTORT2-7261-3-RT105 - 125cmUp to 25cm
4ORT2-7261-4-LTORT2-7261-4-RTUp to 90cm25 - 29cm
5ORT2-7261-5-LTORT2-7261-5-RT90 - 105cm25 - 29cm
6ORT2-7261-6-LTORT2-7261-6-RT105 - 125cm25 - 29cm
7ORT2-7261-7-LTORT2-7261-7-RTUp to 90cm29 - 35cm
8ORT2-7261-8-LTORT2-7261-8-RT90 - 105cm29 - 35cm
9ORT2-7261-9-LTORT2-7261-9-RT105 - 125cm29 - 35cm


Neurolift Shoulder IFU

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