Neuro-Lux II

Functional orthosis for stability of shoulder joint by peripheral paralyses.

Features and benefits

  • Repositioning of humerus in shoulder joint while correcting subluxation and inner rotation
  • Stabilisation of shoulder joint
  • Prevents secondary injuries of crown cap, tendons, muscles and shoulder nerves
  • Improvement of posture through movement of arm pendulum
  • Avoidance of shoulder hand-syndrome (FOSSIL- Study 2009)
  • Two cross-jointed and dynamic lifting strings for resetting force with the outward rotation on the shoulder joint
  • Breast belt allows simple handling by closing and opening
  • Single hand closure with slide-stop strap
  • Soft, breathable material


  • Flaccid and painful movement restrictions of the shoulder and arm muscles caused by: hemiplegia, plexus injuries, craniocerebral trauma, cervical spine trauma or peripheral nerve injuries.

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