Morbus-Schlatter Knee Support

Local pressure reduction of the tuberosistas tibiae and relief of the patellar tendon.

Features and benefits

  • Local pressure relief of the tuberositas tibiae
  • Fine applicable pressure pad on the patella relaxes the patella tendon
  • U-shaped distal dimpled friction pad with corrective straps
  • Foam plastic pad on the tendon
  • Virtually wrinkle-free fit on the backside of the knee
  • Latex-free


  • Morbus-Schlatter disease
  • Traction apophysitis
  • Prominence of the tuberositas tibiae caused by abnormal ossification
  • Initial tendinosis on the tuberosita tibiae
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Ordering Information

Part NumberSizeCircumference - 14cm Above the Knee Joint GapCircumference - 14cm Below the Knee Joint Gap
OE-7084-11Up to 38cmUp to 28cm
OE-7084-22Up to 41cmUp to 31cm
OE-7084-33Up to 44cmUp to 34cm
OE-7084-44Up to 47cmUp to 37cm
OE-7084-55Up to 50cmUp to 40cm
OE-7084-66Up to 53cmUp to 43cm
OE-7084-77Up to 56cmUp to 46cm

Can be worn left or right

Colour: Platinum


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