Mechanical 4-Bar Knees

We offer an extensive range of mechanical and pneumatic 4-Bar knees. Their geometry provides stability and security to the user. The 4-Bar polycentric system provides shortening of the swing, making them ideal for knee disarticulation patients, or those with long residual limbs.

Features and benefits

    Mechanical-4-Bar-Knee-1Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 1: A lightweight 4-Bar knee with exceptional stability. This knee is also available with a hand operated knee lock and optional extension assist.



    Mechanical-4-Bar-Knee-2Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 2: A 4-Bar knee suitable for knee disarticulation with extension assist and friction adjustment. It comes complete with laminating anchor.



    Mechanical-4-Bar-Knee-3Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 3: A compact 4-Bar knee with adjustable buffer to change its stability to suit the individual. Adjustable friction and extension assist. Integral proximal pyramid adaptor.



    Mechanical-4-Bar-Knee-4Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 4: A compact 4-Bar knee with internal extension assist and friction adjustment. Adjustable buffer to change the stability of the knee to suit the individual. Integral proximal pyramid adaptor.



    Mechanical-4-Bar-Knee-5Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 5: A low profile, lightweight 4-Bar knee suitable for knee disarticulation. Adjustable friction control and extension assist. Swing phase is adjustable by spring control.



Recommendations for use

  • These mechanical 4-Bar knees are suitable for use with low functionality levels and high safety and stability needs.



 Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 1Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 2Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 3Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 4Mechanical 4-Bar Knee 5
Build Height212mm119mm115mm80mm141mm
WeightNo lock: 466g
Right lock: 542g
Left lock: 542g
Stainless Steel: 916g
Titanium: 671g
Aluminium: 520gStainless Steel: 719g
Titanium: 481g
Aluminium: 531g
Activity LevelK1 - K4K1 - K4K1 - K4K1 - K4K1 - K4
Weight Limit100kg125kg100kg125kg100kg
Proximal AdaptorMale PyramidLamination AnchorMale PyramidMale PyramidMale Pyramid, Lamination Anchor & Lamination Adaptor
Distal Adaptor30mm Tube AdaptorPyramid Adaptor30mm Tube AdaptorPyramid Adaptor30mm Tube Adaptor
Amputation LevelTransfemoralKnee DisarticulationTransfemoralTransfemoralTransfemoral & Knee Disarticulation

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