ManuBasic® Sport

Made with COOLMAX® ManuBasic® Sport wicks moisture away from the body, for dryness and comfort. Ideal fit for sports activities and made with latex-free knitted fabric, the ManuBasic® Sport’s extra elastic in the wrist and forearm area, makes it very easy to put on. Easy fixing and length setting of the Stabilo® Strap using the easyClick-System makes the ManuBasic® Sport easy to don one handed.

Features and benefits

  • Compressing wrist support with additional Stabilo® Strap
  • SOFTflex 3D knitted fabric with a velvety soft surface structure for more elasticity and stability
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Anatomically contoured knit
  • Anatomically shaped, internal palm splint in thermoplastic material
  • Viscoelastic silicone pad


  • Irritations of soft tissues in the area of the wrist
  • Sprains of the wrist
  • Carpal arthrosis
  • Tenosynovitis

Measuring Guide

To find your size in the ManuBasic® Sport, measure the wrist circumference.

Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)Wrist Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
XS110925110920Up to 13 cmThe image shows an illustration of a wrist
S11092611092113-15 cm
M11092711092215-17 cm
L11092811092317-19 cm
XL11092911092419-21 cm