Wrist bandage, suitable for both hands with volar and dorsal reinforcement splint.

Features and benefits

  • Stabilisation and movement-limiting function
  • Relieves strain on the wrist joint, joint capsule and ligaments
  • Immobilises wrist joint, whilst allowing free movement of the thumb and fingers
  • Lightweight, open construction conforms to patients
  • Volar and dorsal adjustable reinforcement splint
  • Wrap-around VELCRO® strap for securing the wrist


  • Arthritis
  • Severe distortions
  • Tendovaginitis with or without the pathology of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Early function for post-operative treatment after removal of cast
  • Overstrained arthropathies
  • Interim care after removal of casts
  • Conservative treatment of the initial stages of aseptic necrosis of the carpal bone
  • Drop-wrist

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