Manu-Hit Pollex

Stabilising wrist brace with thumb splint, which is individually adjustable due to the lightweight aluminium space frame material.

Features and benefits

  • Easily adjustable dorsal and volar reinforced splints
  • Stabilisation of the thumb in a fuctional position, and partial immobilisation through thumb fringe
  • Relieves strain on the wrist joint, joint capsule and ligaments
  • Designed to conform to the body
  • Individual adjustable aluminium space frame
  • Inelastic VELCRO® for adjustable fixation of the circular strap
  • Modern material in ‘sandwich technique™ design
  • Easy application


  • Arthritis of the thumb side of the wrist
  • Arthritis, distortions, and ulnar collateral ligament lesion of the thumb joint
  • Radial instability of the wrist, especially between the scaphoid bone and the trapezium
  • Peripheral radial nerve paralysis associated with wrist drop and impaired abduction function of the thumb

Ordering Information

Left WristRight WristSizeWrist Circumference
OE-7645-XS-LOE-7645-XS-RX SmallUp to 15cm
OE-7645-XL-LOE-7645-XL-RX LargeAbove 22cm

Please indicate left or right

Colour: Platinum

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