Magnum Heavy Duty Components

A complete range of componentry to go with the Magnum Foot and Magnum limb build kits.

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Ordering Information

 Part no.DescriptionMaterialDiameterWeight LimitBuild Height
MHD-PA-LMagnum Laminating Pyramid AdaptorTitaniumN/A160kgN/A
MHD-30CTMagnum Composite TubeTitanium30mm160kgN/A
MHD-002Magnum Tube AdaptorTitanium30mm160kg19.5mm
MHD-30TIMagnum Composite Tube InsetsN/A30mm160kgN/A
700-200Magnum Laminated Socket Attachment BlockTitanium with foamN/A115kg42mm with foam
700-250Magnum Laminated Socket Attachment BlockTitanium without foamN/A160kg15.9mm
MHD-PA-4Magnum 4-Hole Pyramid AdaptorTitaniumN/A160kg8.3mm
MHD-PR-4Magnum 4-Hole Pyramid ReceiverTitaniumN/A160kg15.5mm
700-AL486Magnum Suction Pyramid One-Way ValvePlasticN/AN/AN/A
6PC578Magnum 4-Hole Suction PyramidTitaniumN/AN/A8.3mm
700-TL003Magnum Tube Cutting GuideTitaniumN/AN/AN/A
MHD-224125Magnum Slide 4-Hole Pyramid AdaptorTitaniumN/A160kg13.9mm
MHD-224150Magnum Rotating 4-Hole Pyramid Slide AdaptorTitaniumN/A160kg13.9mm
MHD-DE-PMagnum Double Ended Pyramid (Male Double Adaptor)TitaniumN/A160kg5.15-6.35mm
LLV-01041Magnum LimbLogic 4-Hole AdaptorTitaniumN/A160kg<10mm


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