The Magnum Foot, and its associated components, offers a perfect choice for heavier individuals who exceed the weight limits stated for most routine modular limb systems. The Magnum Heavy Duty system is tested and approved to weights up to 160kg, and offers both a foot and a choice of components for transtibial use. The Magnum Heavy Duty System offers a complete socket-to-foot solution for heavy or particularly active amputees. The Magnum Foot can be ordered alone or as part of a complete kit of components for a full limb build. Individual components can also be ordered separately – click here to find out more.

Features and benefits

  • Moderate to high activity
  • Male and female versions available
  • Proven durability through laboratory and field testing
  • Lightweight, sleek design
  • Available in three different complete socket-to-foot systems

Recommendations for use

  • The Magnum Foot is suitable for bariatric patients who engage in moderate to high activity levels.

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