Little Wonders

Manufactured by CADCAM to provide the perfect fit, our Little Wonders insoles are available with a choice of additions, making them the closest you can get to fully custom-made paediatric insoles.

Features and benefits

  • Available as full-length or 3/4 length
  • High density EVA in 65 shore
  • Range of patterns and colours available
  • Can be customised with rearfoot posts and additional top covers


  • Pes planus/pronated foot type – mild, moderate, severe
  • Neutral foot type
  • Pes cavus/supinated foot type
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle equinus
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Sever’s disease
  • Leg length discrepancy

Ordering Information

Orthotic Transfer Options


Part no.DescriptionOptions
FK1038Neuro footplateN/A
FK-B56Additional postingRearfoot medial in 3° or 5°
Rearfoot lateral in 3° or 5°
Forefoot medial in 3° or 5°
Forefoot lateral in 3° or 5°

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