Lifter Ankle Foot Orthosis

The Lifter Ankle Foot Orthosis is a virtually invisible treatment for flaccid foot paralysis with or without varus deviation.

Features and benefits

  • Versatile: can be used with VELCRO® or laced shoes
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Enables walking, avoids rubbing or tripping of the forefoot against the floor during the lift off phase of the step, and enables the correct positioning of the heel during the support phase
  • Elevation of the forefoot up to the point of regulated dorsiflexion
  • Optional forefoot support available, enabling the use of the lifter without shoes

Comes in three components:

  1. Tibial ankle foot support: adapts to the anatomy of the patient in two fitting areas, including a viscoelastic pad on the Achilles tendon and on the joint area of the instep
  2. Traction tongue: introduced between the tongue and the shoelaces
  3. Elastic lace for traction: joins the tibial ankle foot support and the traction tongue, regulating the level of dorsiflexion of the foot as required by the patient


  • Flaccid paralysis of the foot with or without varus deviation

Ordering Information

Part NumberSizeAnkle Circumference
Lifter Ankle Foot Orthosis
1308-XLX Large26-30cm
Part Number Left SupportPart Number Right SupportSizeInstep Circumference
Forefoot Support
1309-XL-L1309-XL-RX Large26-30cm

Please indicate left or right

Colour: Black


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