Leg and Foot Splint – Paediatric

This lightweight posterior leaf spring AFO is designed to assist ambulation for those children suffering mild to moderate flaccid drop foot.

Features and benefits

  • Polypropylene splint
  • Can be heated and moulded to fit
  • Fastens with a Velcro® strap around the calf


  • Foot drop
  • Mild to moderate spastic equinus

Measuring Guide

Measure the calf circumference and the length of the foot.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)Calf Circumference (cm)Measurement IllustrationFoot Length (cm)Measurement IllustrationHeight of AFO (cm)
1OFT810/1LOFT810/1R15 - 19cm10cm16cm
2OFT810/2LOFT810/2R19 - 23cm11cm19cm
3OFT810/3LOFT810/3R22 - 24cm12cm23cm
4OFT810/4LOFT810/4R23 - 27cm13cm25cm
5OFT810/5LOFT810/5R25 - 29cm14cm28cm

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