Designed for moderate to highly active patients, the KOA LP is built from a fibreglass composite, offering users strength and durability.

The foot incorporates a multi-axial split-keel design, enabling it to safely deliver inversion and eversion. This therefore provides a high level of stability for those adjusting to a new prosthesis and allows its users to be active on a variety of terrains.

The KOA LP also has one of the lowest build heights among fibreglass feet, meaning it can be used with a range of componentry and is particularly relevant for those patients with longer residual limbs. It is available with a 30-day trial, allowing patients to test and adjust to the foot before purchase.

Features and benefits

  • Split-keel design offers greater ground compliance
  • Ultra-low profile suits those with longer residual limbs
  • Waterproof in both salt and fresh water
  • Adjustable heel response in medium or firm options

Please note: Foot shells will not come with a KOA LP foot order. These are ordered separately.



Activity LevelBuild HeightProduct Weight*Weight LimitWaterproofWarranty
K3-K466mm585g165kgYes36 months

* Based on a 26cm, category 4 foot with foot shell

Ordering Information

Toe Resistance:

User WeightImpact Levels
45 - 52kg222
53 - 58kg223
59 - 68kg234
69 - 77kg345
78 - 88kg456
89 - 100kg567
101 - 116kg678
117 - 130kg789
131 - 147kg89-
148 - 165kg9--

Footshell Ordering Information


KOA LP Sales Sheet

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