Keasy Prefabricated Cones

Keasy thermoformable cones are designed to be durable, comfortable and simple to manufacture. The cones are available in a range of sizes for trans-tibial and trans-femoral patients, and a choice of comfort or interface designs for low and high patient activity levels. Overall, Keasy provides a high quality versatile interface between gel liner and prosthetic socket, or as a standalone foam liner.

Features and benefits

  • Short manufacturing time: Under 3 minutes
  • Adaptable: Can be reheated and reshaped 4 or 5 times if needed
  • Simple cleaning: Closed cells prevent cleaning products from penetrating the material
  • Optimal customisation: Easy to cut, sand or layer up to accommodate volume changes
  • Patient comfort: Seamless design for gentle support of residual limb

Ordering Information

Keasy Comfort Prefabricated Cones Product Codes

SizeUseProduct CodeLengthProximal CircumferenceLateral ThicknessDistal Thickness
110mmBK small / Upper limb1S402-110305mm345mm5mm8mm
130mmBK long/thin1S400-130500mm410mm6.5mm10mm
160mmBK short/medium1S400-160400mm505mm6.5mm10mm
180mmBK long1S400-180500mm565mm6.5mm10mm
195mmBK XL1S400-195510mm615mm6.5mm10mm
230mmAK XL1S400-230510mm725mm6.5mm10mm

Keasy Interface Prefabricated Cones Product Codes

SizeUseProduct CodeLengthProximal Circ.Lateral ThicknessDistal Thickness
170mmBK short/medium1S401-170420mm535mm3mm10mm


Keasy IFU

Keasy Comfort and Interface Liners sales sheet 2019

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