Keasy thermoformable cones are designed to be durable, comfortable and simple to manufacture. The cones are available in a range of sizes for trans-tibial and trans-femoral patients, and a choice of comfort or interface designs for low and high patient activity levels. Overall, Keasy provides a high quality versatile interface between gel liner and prosthetic socket, or as a standalone foam liner.

Features and benefits

  • Short manufacturing time: Under 3 minutes
  • Adaptable: Can be reheated and reshaped 4 or 5 times if needed
  • Simple cleaning: Closed cells prevent cleaning products from penetrating the material
  • Optimal customisation: Easy to cut, sand or layer up to accommodate volume changes
  • Patient comfort: Seamless design for gentle support of residual limb

Comfort Ordering Information

The Keasy Comfort liners provide low activity patients or patients going for their first fitting with a cost-effective liner that offers durable comfort. This also comes with a short manufacturing time that increases workshop (manufacturing) efficiency. Patients are recommended to wear a prosthetic sock as an interface between their skin and the Keasy Liner.

These liners can be reshaped and reheated a number of times. As a result, they comfortably accommodate the shape changes the residual limb will undertake during the first year of amputation.

Keasy comfort is available in a range of sizes to accommodate varying residual limb sizes.

Product ImagePart NumberDescriptionLengthProximal CircumferenceLateral ThicknessDistal Thickness
The image of PRO-1S402-110PRO/1S402-110BK for children305mm345mm5mm8mm
The image of PRO-1S400-130PRO/1S400-130BK long and thin500mm410mm6.5mm10mm
The image of PRO-1S400-160PRO/1S400-160BK short and medium400mm505mm6.5mm10mm
The image of PRO-1S400-180PRO/1S400-180BK short and medium500mm565mm6.5mm15mm
The image of PRO-1S400-195PRO/1S400-195BK XL510mm615mm6.5mm10mm
The image of PRO-1S400-210PRO/1S400-210AK500mm660mm6.5mm10mm
The image of PRO-1S400-230PRO/1S400-230AK XL510mm725mm6.5mm10mm

Interface Ordering Information

In contrast, the Keasy Interface Liner differs to the Keasy Comfort Liner by acting as an interface between a gel liner and rigid socket. Due to the additional cushioning helps protect the gel liner against stresses and extend its product life.

For patients experiencing volume reductions, Keasy Interface Liners provide an adaptable solution as it can be reshaped to maintain patient comfort and prosthesis control.

Product SpecificationsPart NumberDescriptionLengthProximal CircumferenceLateral ThicknessDistal Thickness
The image of PRO-1S401-170PRO/1S401-170BK short and medium420mm535mm3mm10mm


Keasy IFU

Keasy Comfort and Interface Liners sales sheet 2019

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