Kasseler Patella Tendon Bandage

Highly effective proprioception brace for work and everyday life.

Features and benefits

  • Proprioceptive advantageous pad construction to stimulate infrapatellar pressure
  • Significant fast and strong muscle mass of the quadriceps
  • Gait control mechanism provides pain relief
  • Better coordination and protection of the neuromuscular joint
  • Continuously adjustable pressure pad with through-roller loops
  • Dimpled proprioceptive page with gap on the patella cap


  • Anterior knee pain
  • Patella tip syndrome
  • Patella chondropathy
  • Femoral patella arthrosis
  • Anterior knee ligament insufficiency
  • Post-operative/post-traumatic rehabilitation training
  • Quadriceps paresis
  • Muscular dystrophy
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Ordering Information

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Can be worn left or right


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