Ibex XD

Ibex XD is a performance foot for heavier patients that brings the benefits of multi-axial foot design to more active lifestyles. The innovative micro-slices in the Ibex XD pylon and the split heel plate provide controlled inversion/eversion for uneven terrain. The multi-axial design is energy-optimised with a long carbon pylon and full-length heel plate that allows Ibex XD to reach foot-flat sooner for better energy storage. These unique components provide stability without sacrificing energy return. Ibex XD’s balanced performance gives amputees the confidence they need to meet life’s challenges head on.

Features and benefits

  • Innovative Micro-Slice technology for multi-axial performance
  • Energy-optimised pylon/heel plate design
  • Carbonfibre foot/shank design for outstanding energy return
  • Adjustable heel wedge for fine-tuning heel stiffness
  • Multi-axial heel/toe for terrain conformance

Recommendations for use

  • Moderate to high activity users
  • Unilateral or bilateral patients
  • Transtibial or transfemoral amputees
  • Patients benefit from greater energy return and multi-axial function

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