iBars Parallel Bars

A revolutionary new parallel bar concept, iBars allow therapists to increase and decrease gradient to simulate slopes.

This product is already being used in major rehabilitation departments across the NHS with a wide selection of patients. Rehabilitation often takes place in the traditionally flat clinical environment. Patients however, can experience problems when attempting to tackle uneven and sloped terrain. iBars help the patient prepare by emulating the external environment.

Features and benefits

  • Allows gait training for variable slopes
  • Tests how prosthetic feet cope with differing gradients
  • Tests the stability of prosthetic knees in a safe environment
  • Clinicians can measure the incline to set targets and record patient achievements
  • Allows for programming stance control devices, e.g. hydraulic knee units can be set optimally for suitable inclines
  • iBars can be relocated within the clinic and don’t have to be fixed to the floor
  • Walking platform adjusts in angle up to ten degrees
  • Height adjustable hand rails (5cm increments)


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