Created for dynamic patients, the Proteor Hytrek knee provides its users with a high performing weather resistant knee. Hytrek is made from aluminium and titanium, and has the strength to hold up to 150kg in weight.

The knee comes with an advanced hydraulic system, designed to give patients a natural swing motion and wide braking range in stance. This makes it suitable for everyday life activities on a variety of terrains, including the safe descent of slopes and stairs, step over step.

Finally, Hytrek features an optional lock function that helps older or unstable patients to transition from seating to standing, by only allowing the knee to extend preventing any fallback.


  • Well-rounded: Suitable for most K3-K4 patients
  • Strong: Supports up to 150kg
  • Stable and supportive: Extension assist with manual lock option
  • Range of movement: 120 degree knee flexion

Ordering Information

ThreadPart NumberDescriptionProduct WeightWarranty
The image of Pyramid Thread1P131Pyramid1265g3 years
The image of M36 Thread 1P131-KDM-36 Thread1285g3 years

Componentry Ordering Information

Product Product NumberDescription
The image of 1G011G01-HD420mm aluminium tube
(34mm diameter, 150kg max weight)
The image of 1D52-P61D52-P6130mm tube with pyramid adaptor
(34mm diameter, 125kg max weight)
The image of 1D411D41-HDTube clamp adaptor
(34mm diameter, 150kg max weight)



Hytrek Knee Sales Sheet

Hytrek Knee IFU

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