Hydeal Ⅱ

The new generation Hydeal II knee features a 4 axis design to provide high geometric stability, combined with incorporated shock absorption for a more natural gait pattern over a wide range of walking speeds.

In addition, the knee’s high performance fluid enables operation across a wide range of temperatures. As a result, patients are able to use it all year round without any loss in performance. The combination of the high performance hydraulic unit with exceptional range of flexion makes the Hydeal 2 knee particularly well suited for cycling and other sports activities.


  • Smooth: Transition from stance phase to swing phase more responsive
  • High performance: Suitable for sports such as bike riding, jogging or rowing machines
  • Weather-resistant and operational from -10°C to +40°C
  • Large range of flexion: 145 degrees
  • Energy-saving: Minimal resistance for first 30 degrees of flexion
  • Strong: Supports up to 125kg

Ordering Information

Thread Part NumberProximal ConnectionColourProduct WeightWarranty
The image of Pyramid Thread1P120PyramidCharcoal1050g3 years
1P121PyramidOrange1050g3 years
The image of M36 Thread1P120-KDM36 ThreadCharcoal1080g3 years
1P121-KDM36 ThreadOrange1080g3 years

Componentry Ordering Information

Product Product NumberDescription
The image of 1G011G01-HD420mm aluminium tube
(34mm diameter, 150kg max weight)
The image of 1D52-P61D52-P6130mm tube with pyramid adaptor
(34mm diameter, 125kg max weight)
The image of 1D411D41-HDTube clamp adaptor
(34mm diameter, 150kg max weight)



Hydeal II Sales Sheet
Hydeal II IFU

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