HOOD Nylon Sheath

The HOOD Nylon Sheath wicks perspiration away from the skin, and reduces friction between the limb and the prosthesis. Comes in a standard single ply thickness and 11 different sizes.

Features and benefits

  • Single ply thickness
  • Stretches, machine wash and dry
  • 100% Nylon
  • 11 sizes – one size fits many
  • Wicks perspiration away from the skin
  • Reduces friction between the limb and the prosthesis
  • Pocket or bottom seam for added protection from abrasion

Recommendations for use

  • Amputees with poor skin or heavy perspiration will benefit from the use of a sheath



Determining Correct Sock Size


  • Measure limb circumference at the top of the prosthesis socket. Divide by 2; this will be the top width* of the sock.


  • Measure the length of the limb from the distal end to the top of the socket. Add 2” – 4” to allow for fit and/or shrinkage. This will be the length of the sock.


  • Measure circumference 2” above the bottom of the residual limb. Divide by 2; This will be the toe measurement (Toe width of a HOOD sock is automatically determined by the size ordered)*

* Approximate measurements.

Top width is measured as sock is laid flat

Distal Holes

Socks with distal holes are available for most type of socks. Please refer to the sizing charts for model numbers. Once you have chosen the model number and size, simply substitute the first number with an H (example: 51038-20 becomes H1038-20).

Ordering Information

Size-LengthTop Width x Length (with sheath laid flat)Top Circumference x Length
Reg-Short200-220mm x 250-350mm400-450mm x 250-350mm
Reg-Reg200-220mm x 400-450mm400-450mm x 400-450mm
Reg-Long200-220mm x 500-600mm400-450mm x 500-600mm
Reg-XLong200-220mm x 650-750mm400-450mm x 650-750mm
Wide-Short250-300mm x 250-350mm500-600mm x 250-350mm
Wide-Reg250-300mm x 400-450mm500-600mm x 400-450mm
Wide-Long250-300mm x 500-600mm500-600mm x 500-600mm
XNarrow-Short89-139mm x 240-350mm180-250mm x 250-350mm
Narrow-Short160-180mm x 240-350mm300-350mm x 250-350mm
Narrow-Reg160-180mm x 400-450mm300-350mm x 400-450mm
Narrow-Long160-180mm x 500-650mm300-350mm x 500-650mm

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