The Hipocross is the three-in-one hip brace:
1. Oedema prevention and cryotherapy
2. Limiting adduction
3. Limiting flexion and extension

Features and benefits

  • Breathable fabric construction
  • Cryotherapy gel and pocket
  • Rigid metal hinge
  • Quadruple overlapping straps


  • Post-arthroscopy care
  • Post-operative care (compatible with the degree of stabilisation required)
  • Conservative treatment of hip dislocations
  • Arthrosis of the hip joint
  • Treatment of nonspecific persistent pain or inoperable joint misalignment

Measuring Guide

To find your size in the Hipocross, measure the pelvic circumference, waist circumference and thigh circumference.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)Pelvic Circumference (cm)Waist Circumference (cm)Thigh Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
SM91006LS/M91007LM91006RS/M91007R72 - 93cm65 - 84cm40 - 54cm
MM91006LM/M91007LM91006RM/M91007R93 - 116cm84 - 109cm50 - 65cm
LM91006LL/M91007LM91006RL/M91007R116 - 140cm109 - 140cm60 - 76cm
XLM91006LXL/M91007LM91006RXL/M91007R140 - 165cm140 - 170cm70 - 97cm

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