High Definition Silicone

SkinMatch, part of Ortho Europe, is an international leader in high definition silicone cosmetic services, helping those individuals looking for a life-like solution for their prosthetic arm, leg, hand or foot.

Using state of the art technology combined with a high level of artistic skill, our technicians sculpt every product individually, ensuring each cosmesis and prosthesis is perfectly tailored to the needs of the patient. Our goal is to create bespoke products which match the look of the user’s original limb as closely as possible – incorporating freckles, veins, hairs or even tattoos.

As well as catering for all levels of limb loss, we can also sculpt silicone to rebuild areas of damaged body tissue, or to cover scarring. SkinMatch technicians use a technologically advanced scanning system to digitally capture the patient’s skin tone, ensuring a reliable and repeatable result is achieved every time.

Features and benefits

  • A bespoke service that is tailored to individual patient needs
  • Cosmetic covers for upper and lower prosthetic limbs, hands and feet, single digits, re-constructive silicone, liners and others
  • Proven psychological benefits
  • Made from tear-resistant and stain-resistant medical grade silicone
  • Available with a choice of three finishes:
    • Reality – our most premium and lifelike finish, crafted to features every detail of the original limb/extremity
    • Toned – a high quality three-colour finish, with nail details in two colours
    • Uniform – our most simple finish, still expertly shaped and matched but to a single colour

Ordering Information

As a prosthetist or clinician, the first stage in the process of referring a patient to our silicone services is booking a consultation with one of our technicians. At this consultation the patient requirements, photography of the residual extremity and sound limb, and colour matching details, will be captured and recorded ready for processing.

Following this a cast must be made and supplied to SkinMatch. Contact us on skinmatch@ortho-europe.com to find out more about the requirements. You can also view further information under the Downloads tab.


Upper body order forms

Below elbow:

Hands and digits:

Lower body order forms

Below knee:

Partial foot:

General information and guidelines

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