High Definition Cosmetic Silicone

Our team of highly skilled technicians are able to cater for all levels of limb loss or restoration. The various silicone cosmeses can be designed to give the most realistic cosmesis available for that patient.

The department are also able to sculpt silicone to rebuild areas of damaged body tissue to cover extensive muscle wastage or severe scarring.

To ensure the optimal skin tone match is assured, the Ortho Europe Silicone department use Skinmatch technology to gain a digital skin tone selection. This ensures a reliable and repeatable result is achieved every time.

Features and benefits

  • A bespoke service that is tailored to individual patient needs
  • Cosmetic covers for upper and lower prosthetic limbs, hands and feet, single digits, re-constructive silicone, liners and others
  • Available with a choice of three finishes
    • Reality – our most premium and lifelike finish, crafted to features every detail of the original limb/extremity
    • Toned – a high quality three-colour finish, with nail details in two colours
    • Uniform – our most simple finish, still expertly shaped and matched but to a single colour


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