Gaiters are fabric orthoses, worn on either the arms or legs to keep the elbows or knees straight and stabilised. These gaiters feature three steel inserts which immobilise the joint to hold it in extension whilst preventing excessive movement. Four straps can be used to tighten the gaiter around the limb.

Features and benefits

  • Breathable cotton fabric with choice of linings, colours and patterns
  • Available as a stock item, or made to measure on request
  • Flexion option also available
  • Full circumferential straps allow for easy size adjustments
  • Standard gaiter finished with imperial plush lining

Lining options

  • Cotton: soft, absorbent and breathable; kind next to skin; durable and easily washed; least bulky option
  • Cotton Terry: large loop cotton weave; wicks moisture away and absorbs; easy to wash and care for; more bulky option
  • Sheepskin: additional protection to soft or delicate skin; beneficial to areas of rash or inflammation; keeps warm in winter and cool in summer; thick lining adds bulk to the device
  • Temperature regulating: revolutionary Outlast® material; controls skin temperature to prevent the onset of sweating; soft to touch


  • Post-injury
  • Post-surgery
  • Strains and sprains
  • Juvenile RA
  • Night resting splint


Sizing Information

SizeLength (cm)Top circumference (cm)Bottom circumference (cm)

Gaiters may also be made to measure on request. Please contact Customer Services for more information.

Ordering Information

Flexion gaiters are available as made-to-measure products with the part number H-GFLEX.


Gaiters sales sheet

Elbow gaiter order form

Knee gaiter order form

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