Foot Lifter

The Foot Lifter Ankle Foot Orthosis is a virtually invisible treatment foot in flaccid foot paralysis with or without varus deviation.

Features and benefits

  • Discrete, easy application dorsiflexion assist
  • Versatile – can be used with lace or Velcro shoes
  • Acts as dorsiflexion assist
  • Optional forefoot support which enables use without shoes
  • Comes in 4 components with an optional 5th:
  1. Tibial ankle foot support: brace with 2 fitting areas which adapts to the anatomy of the patient. Includes a viscoelastic pad on the Achilles tendon and another on the joint area of the instep
  2. Traction tongue: introduced between the tongue and the shoelaces
  3. Elastic lace for traction: joins the tibial ankle foot support and the traction tongue, which regulates the level of dorsiflexion of the foot as required by the patient
  4. Elastic lace for deviation control: maximum resistance elastic lace, which compensates varus deviation
  5. Optional forefoot support available, which enables the use of the lifter without shoes


  • Flaccid paralysis of the foot with or without varus deviation

Measuring Guide

For the Lifter Ankle Foot Orthosis: Measure the ankle circumference. Fits both left and right ankles.
For the Lifter Forefoot Support: Measure the instep circumference.

Lifter Ankle Foot Orthosis

SizeProduct CodeAnkle Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
SLIF100-S14 - 18cm
MLIF100-M18 - 22cm
LLIF100-L22 - 26cm
XLLIF100-XL26 - 30cm

Lifter Forefoot Support

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)Instep Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
SLIF101-S-LLIF101-S-R17 - 19cm
MLIF101-M-LLIF101-M-R19 - 22cm
LLIF101-L-LLIF101-L-R22 - 26cm
XLLIF101-XL-LLIF101-XL-R26 - 30cm


    Set of 6 Hooks:
    SizeProduct Code
    Lifter Elastic Lace:
    SizeProduct Code
    Lifter Traction Tongue:
    SizeProduct Code

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