The Femurett is a training device with an especially well-balanced biomechanical construction.
Rehabilitation problems are considerably eased when patient training is started and carried out using this prosthesis, particularly during the very difficult time immediately following amputation.

With simple adjustments, the Femurett can be set to meet the exact dimensional requirements of the patient.

  • Markings in centimetres on the adjustable section ensure ease and accuracy
  • Adjustable to varus and valgus alignment

The complete Femurett kit for transfermoral amputees consists of:

  • Single articulated knee joint with extension spring
  • Foot section, single articulated (left and right feet included)
  • 6 x sockets for Femurett with shoulder strap, frame and connecting tube (see below)

Instructional Video

Ordering Information

Part No.Description
F-6674007Femurett Locking Knee
F-6674021Femurett Shin (Inc Pair of left and right feet)
F-6674306Femurett Socket Small L 38-46 circ
F-6674313Femurett Socket Small R 38-46 circ
F-6674320Femurett Socket Medium L 44-54 circ
F-6674337Femurett Socket Medium R 44-54 circ
F-6674344Femurett Socket Large L 52-60 circ
F-6674351Femurett Socket Large R 52-60 circ
FEM-REHABKITFemurett Socket Kit including 6 Sockets, Locking Knee and Shin (Inc Pair of Feet)


Femurett sales sheet

Femurett IFU

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