The Overlay from Ethnocare is a breathable fabric sleeve with an integrated air expansion system that the wearer can adjust for maximum, personalized comfort. The air expansion system is a replacement for prosthetic socks, enabling more effective residual limb volume management. Allowing a user to quickly modify the pressure within their socket allows them to tailor the fit to their activity or situation. Not only does it improve comfort of a socket, but it also extends the life of that socket; by accommodating up to 15 ply, less socket modifications and replacements are required.

Features and benefits

  • Personalised fit – user adjustable air bladders over area of most common volume loss / higher pressure tolerance.
  • Increases volume in socket from 2 to 15 ply.
  • Can be used with locking and cushion liners.
  • Compatible with sleeves, passive vacuum and active vacuum systems.
  • Quickly increase or decrease pressure as required.
  • Can be adjusted through clothing.

Measuring Guide

Circumference measurement is taken with the liner on, 4cm up from distal end. Length measurement is taken from popliteal fossa to distal end, with liner on and knee bent to 90˚



Technical Specifcations

Amputation levelCirc size rangeLength optionsPump orientationsSuspention compatibilityWarranty
Transtibial23.5-43.5cm14-19cm = Short
20cm+ = Long
Left or Right• Pin
• Passive vacuum
• Elevated vacuum
• Sleeve
6 months

Ordering Information

(Side designates pump orientation,
not amputation)
Product codeCircumferenceLength
14-19cm = Short
20+cm = Long
Pump Orientation
Small, Short, RightOV23-SH-R23.5-28.5cmShortRight
Medium, Short, RightOV28-SH-R28.5-35.5cmShortRight
Large, Short, RightOV35-SH-R35.5-43.5cmShortRight
Small, Short, LeftOV23-SH-L23.5-28.5cmShortLeft
Medium, Short, LeftOV28-SH-L28.5-35.5cmShortLeft
Large, Short, LeftOV35-SH-L35.5-43.5cmShortLeft
Small, Long, RightOV23-LG-R23.5-28.5cmLongRight
Medium, Long, RightOV28-LG-R28.5-35.5cmLongRight
Large, Long, RightOV35-LG-R35.5-43.5cmLongRight
Small, Long, LeftOV23-LG-L23.5-28.5cmLongLeft
Medium, Long, LeftOV28-LG-L28.5-35.5cmLongLeft
Large, Long, LeftOV35-LG-L35.5-43.5cmLongLeft