With a height of 6.7 mm, the IBT electrodes are the thinnest cased electrodes on the market. Combined with software-based gain adjustment, advanced signal processing, and ease of fabrication, Element is the future electrode system for the modern prosthesis.

The low-profile shape allows prosthetists to build form fitting frames. An innovative snap-in design allows for the IBT electrodes to be pushed into the socket and still form a suction seal to secure the socket tightly onto the limb. Using digital signal processing, Element also employs industry-leading interference noise rejection to give users confidence in using their myo-electric prosthesis anywhere. The companion software enables users to finetune the electrode signal to their maximum potential, which includes not only gain, but smoothness and sensitivity.


Features and benefits

  • With a height of 6.7 mm the Element system is the thinnest cased electrodes currently available
  • Element uses digital signal processing to reduce interference
  • Compatible with most hands, wrists and elbows that accept standard analog EMG electrode inputs
  • Low profile suction seal electrodes
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for wireless adjustment access
  • Easy installation



Technical specification

Input: FlexCell 7.4V
Element is compatible with most hands, wrists, and elbows that accept
standard 3-Pin analog EMG electrode inputs.

Ordering information

Element System: includes 2 IBT Electrodes, 2 molding dummies for IBT Electrodes, Element
signal processing box, Element desktop software, and USB Bluetooth® Adapter

DescriptionProduct Code
Element for Coaxial Plug80101-1


DescriptionProduct code
Extra molding dummy for IBT Electrodes80201
Extra molding dummy for Element Signal Processing Box 80202
IBT Electrode, spare80102


Element Sales Sheet

Element Instructions for Use (English)

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