Eclipse® Cervical Collar

Eclipse® Cervical Collar

The Eclipse® Cervical Collar features a contemporary design, reflecting the next evolution of Cervical Collars in form, fit and function. The all-in-one size and simplistic, yet strong, semi-rigid frame incorporates quick-fit adjustments and a reliable set-fit sizing disk for easy and consistent removal and re-application in a snap.

Eclipse® EXT Cervical Collar

The Eclipse® EXT Cervical Collar incorporates all of the contemporary design features of the Eclipse with an extended thoracic frame that overlaps the manubrium sternum anteriorly, and down to the T-1 vertebrae posteriorly.

Features and benefits

  • Semi-rigid open frame design is comfortable and well-ventilated to help ensure optimal immobilisation and patient compliance
  • Fitting disks make the initial fitting simple and straightforward
  • All-in-one sizing saves time and reduces stock levels
  • Infinite height adjustment within the range does not limit sizing to a certain number of settings for a more precise fit
  • Fitting disks maintains the proper clinical fit for easy patient removal and re-application, increasing compliance and reliability with a quick snap
  • Wicking, cloth-lined foam minimizes pressure points, increasing patient comfort
  • Large tracheal opening for procedural airway access


  • Restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation to promote patient recovery

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