eCAST casting materials

eCAST is a casting material composed of polyester, with a unique weave that makes it flexible and simple to model without folds. A versatile material with a variety of uses.

Features and benefits

eCAST: a synthetic polyester bandage which works just as easily as plaster cast.

  • Simple and quick application
  • Cleaner than plaster of paris
  • Versatile
  • Cured eCAST retains its shape
  • Thermo-formable
  • Ideal for digitising models thanks to easy scanning

Ordering Information

eCAST Tape Product Codes

SizeProduct CodeQuantity
5cm x 3.6mECAST-210 rolls
7.5cm x 3.6mECAST-310 rolls
10cm x 3.6mECAST-410 rolls
12.5cm x 3.6mECAST-510 rolls

EZ Cutter Knife Product Code

DescriptionPart NumberQuantity
EZ Cutter StandardCASTCUTTER-ST1 pc


eCAST Sales Sheet