eCAST & sCAST casting materials

eCAST material is composed of polyester, with a unique weave that makes it flexible and simple to model without folds. A versatile material with a variety of uses.

Features and benefits

eCAST: a synthetic polyester bandage which works just as easily as plaster cast.

  • Simple and quick application
  • Cleaner than plaster of paris
  • Versatile
  • Cured eCAST retains its shape
  • Thermo-formable
  • Ideal for digitising models thanks to easy scanning

sCAST: a synthetic polyester bandage with added polyurethane-impregnated fibreglass fibres. Easy to use, rolls off easily and cures quickly

  • Simple and quick application
  • Cured sCAST is strong and light
  • Suitable in combination with eCAST for manufacturing of intermediate shaft/socket
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