Easy Walk® Fixation

The Fixation model is the highest level of supported offered in the Easy Walk® range and has been designed to aid even the most severe cases of foot drop.

Features and benefits

  • Stronger, wider strut to maximise support and optimise the gait cycle
  • Maximum medial-lateral control of the foot and ankle
  • Strong lateral fixation of the lower leg
  • Higher levels of energy return
  • Customisable footplate
  • Weight limit up to 120kg


  • Severe foot drop
  • Increased ankle Instability
  • Spasticity
  • Mild/Moderate Spasticity
  • Ankle arthritis

Measuring Guide

Refer to the EU shoe size of the patient.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)EU Shoe SizeHeight of AFO (cm)
XSAFO10F=XS-LAFO10F=XS-R34 - 3633cm
SAFO10F=S-LAFO10F=S-R36 - 3935cm
MAFO10F=M-LAFO10F=M-R39 - 4236cm
LAFO10F=L-LAFO10F=L-R42 - 4537cm
XLAFO10F=XL-LAFO10F=XL-R45 - 4739cm

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