Fillauer Dura Shock

The DuraShock pylon may be used alongside any foot to increase shock absorption and reduce rotational forces on the residual limb during stance.

With up to 60° of axial rotation, DuraShock features carbon and elastomer components to absorb, store and return energy in the vertical and horizontal planes. Users will benefit from reduced shock and torsion during activities such as gardening, hiking, tennis or golf.

Features and benefits

  • 3 stiffness options, matched to weight and activity level
  • Absorbs shock and torque for increased comfort
  • Smooth motion from dynamic elastomer
  • Reduces rotational forces to the residual limb
  • Maintenance free design
  • 60° axial rotation
  • Build height 89mm


TypeColourBuild heightProduct weightWeight limit
Moderate ActivityHigh Activity
The image of Durashock-BlackBlack89mm
The image of Durashock-BlueBlue89mm
The image of durashock redRed89mm

Ordering Information


Durashock Product Manual

Durashock Pylon Manual

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