Dream Skin Natural Definition

The Dream Skin Natural Definition range offers a transtibial cosmetic solution that combines strength and durability with a more natural look.

A revolutionary material, micro-coated vinyl, is used to create a surface with low friction and more resistance against dirt and stains. Its airbrushed dual-layer construction with added fibres allows a more natural-looking, deeper definition.

Available in a range of 16 colours, with a red or yellow base tone, to accommodate most skin shades.

Features and Benefits

  • Airbrushed dual-layer construction with fibres for natural definition
  • Micro-coated vinyl surface means more durability, superior stain and tear resistance, easier cleaning, and low friction against clothing compared to standard PVC
  • Skin friendly and fully recyclable
  • Split toe or standard options available to accommodate patient preference

Ordering Information

Natural Definition Guide
Part No. 611200003



Dream Skin Sales Sheet

Dream Skin Technical Guide

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