Cricket DAFO

Designed specifically for children with mild to moderate pronation and supination, the Cricket aims to improve stability and alignment. This orthosis features a deep heel cup, well-defined plantar surface, and medial/lateral forefoot containment, all in combination with a stable outer foundation. Its sub-malleolar UCBL trimline allows the Cricket to become enclosed entirely within a shoe.

Features and benefits

  • Solid outer foundation for additional arch support and heel stabilisation
  • Partial-wrap inner liner supports arches, cups heel, and contains mid-foot and forefoot
  • Trimline is below top edge of shoe
  • Choice of two outer foundation materials: polyethylene for moderate flexibility, or co-poly for firm support


  • Fully correctable foot positions
  • Mild to moderate pronation or supination and associate gait instability
  • Benefitting from sensory feedback from fully contoured foot bed
  • Requiring access to free dorsiflexion and plantarflexion

Ordering Information

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