Designed specifically for children with mild to moderate pronation and supination, the Cricket aims to improve stability and alignment. This orthosis features a deep heel cup, well-defined plantar surface, and medial/lateral forefoot containment, all in combination with our stable outer foundation. Its sub-malleolar UCBL trimline allows the Cricket to become enclosed entirely within a shoe.

Features and benefits

  • Solid outer foundation for additional arch support and heel stabilisation
  • Partial-wrap inner liner supports arches, cups heel, and contains mid-foot and forefoot
  • Trimline is below top edge of shoe


  • Fully correctable foot positions
  • Mild to moderate pronation or supination and associated gait instability
  • Benefitting from sensory feedback from fully contoured foot bed
  • Requiring access to free dorsiflexion and plantarflexion

Measuring Guide

Trace the foot of the patient and measure the length of the foot length in inches from the middle of the heel to the middle of the longest toe. Then add ¼” to ½” extra length for growth if required.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left Pink)Product Code (Right Pink)Product Code (Left Blue)Product Code (Right Blue)Foot Length + Growth Room (Inches)Measurement Illustration
15FK1057-1-LFK1057-1-RFK1058-1-LFK1058-1-R4.00 “
16FK1057-2-LFK1057-2-RFK1058-2-LFK1058-2-R4.25 “
17FK1057-3-LFK1057-3-RFK1058-3-LFK1058-3-R4.50 “
18FK1057-4-LFK1057-4-RFK1058-4-LFK1058-4-R4.75 “
19FK1057-5-LFK1057-5-RFK1058-5-LFK1058-5-R5.00 “
20FK1057-6-LFK1057-6-RFK1058-6-LFK1058-6-R5.25 “
21FK1057-7-LFK1057-7-RFK1058-7-LFK1058-7-R5.50 “
22FK1057-8-LFK1057-8-RFK1058-8-LFK1058-8-R5.75 “
23FK1057-9-LFK1057-9-RFK1058-9-LFK1058-9-R6.00 “
24FK1057-10-LFK1057-10-RFK1058-10-LFK1058-10-R6.25 “
25FK1057-11-LFK1057-11-RFK1058-11-LFK1058-11-R6.50 “
26FK1057-12-LFK1057-12-RFK1058-12-LFK1058-12-R6.75 “
27FK1057-13-LFK1057-13-RFK1058-13-LFK1058-13-R7.00 “
28FK1057-14-LFK1057-14-RFK1058-14-LFK1058-14-R7.25 “
29FK1057-15-LFK1057-15-RFK1058-15-LFK1058-15-R7.50 “
30FK1057-16-LFK1057-16-RFK1058-16-LFK1058-16-R7.75 “
31FK1057-17-LFK1057-17-RFK1058-17-LFK1058-17-R8.00 “
32FK1057-18-LFK1057-18-RFK1058-18-LFK1058-18-R8.25 “
33FK1057-19-LFK1057-19-RFK1058-19-LFK1058-19-R8.50 “
34FK1057-20-LFK1057-20-RFK1058-20-LFK1058-20-R8.75 “
35FK1057-21-LFK1057-21-RFK1058-21-LFK1058-21-R9.00 “

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