The COVVI hand uses ground-breaking bionic technology to offer patients a robust and anatomically correct prosthesis.

Its spring loaded wrist provides fast and instinctive wrist movements, whilst a passive range of motion has been added to the fingers and thumb, giving it a naturally functioning feel. In addition, the smart switching/intuitive thumb control gives its users easy access to a range of different grips.

To keep the hand up to date with the latest features, patients are able to update the firmware from the comfort of their home by using their smartphone. The hand also features an E-paper screen, whereby users can see critical information such as grip mode and battery life.

Features and benefits

  • Available in Carbon Black, White, Titan Grey and Rose Gold
  • Passively flexing fingers and thumb
  • Integrated flex wrist – spring-loaded technology for natural and fluid usage
  • Multiple grips/intuitive thumb control/smart switching
  • Index fingertips are touch screen compatible
  • Easy to set up and use from smart phone or tablet
  • Water and dust resistant (IP44)

Hand Kit Ordering Information

Product CodeSideSizeWrist (EQD)Glove ColourCover Colour
CV1L = Left

S = Small

L = Large
QBL = BlackWH = White

CA = Carbon Black

RG = Rose Gold

TG = Titan Grey

Example: CV1LSQCLCA for a COVVI small left hand, with a clear glove and carbon black cover.

Opposed Grips Available

Grip ImageGrip NameGrip Information
Power GripProvides a stable grip for carrying heavier items, carrier bags, pushing a trolley or mowing a lawn.
Precision Grip (Open & Close)Allows the user to hold smaller items such as coins or paper.
Trigger GripThis grip is for the use of trigger operated objects such as sprays or a power drill.
Tripod GripThis provides users with a slightly more stable grip than the precision grip, wiith the thumb, index and middle fingers being used for grip.
Rock GripAlthough not functional, this allows users to showcase the rock gesture.
Glove Grip This grip makes the hand as slim as possible, making it easier to put on or take off clothing.

Non-Opposed Grips Available

Grip ImageGrip NameGrip Information
Finger Point GripThis enables users to point, press buttons or use a smartphone.
Tap GripSimilar to the point grip, except the index finger moves up and down. It is very useful for using a keyboard as it gives the user the ability to accurately position the finger for typing.
Key/Card GripThis grip is especially useful for holding keys, cards or carrying plates.
Mouse GripThis grip is specifically designed for moving a mouse.
Column Grip This enables users to push objects or large buttons and switches.
Relaxed GripThis grip provides a natural resting position for when the hand is not being used.
Phone Grip This is not a functional grip and is used to imitate holding a phone.

Product Specification

Technical Information
Nexus Hand Voltage7 to 8.4V
Maximum Current Consumption5A
Device Weight570g
Maximum Hand Load Limit (A)90kg across knuckle
Maximum Finger Load Limit16kg
Full Open to Full Close0.7 second to achieve grip
Tripod Grip0.4 seconds to achieve grip
Tripod Grip Force45N/10lbf
Power Grip Force80N/18lbf


COVVI Sales Sheet

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