Clutch Lock

The Clutch Lock was designed to be used alongside a 3-prong threaded adaptor for lamination (as pictured), which is included with the lock. This lock system has an integrated titanium male pyramid distally, providing an angulation of ±6° in the sagittal and frontal plane. The Clutch Lock system comes with a screw-in-sleeve adaptor.

Features and benefits

  • Integrated Titanium Pyramid
  • 6° of angulation
  • Clutch lock specific stainless steel locking pin
  • Silent operation with minimal pistoning
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Ordering Information

Clutch Lock Product Codes

DescriptionProduct CodeMaterialProduct WeightWeight LimitBuild HeightWarranty
Clutch Lock3LK410Aluminium326g100kg36mm2 years

Clutch Lock Replacement Parts Product Codes

DescriptionProduct codeWarranty
Clutch Lock pinCLP1 year


3LK410 Screw Top Clutch Lock (4-up)