Designed for young patients with fully correctable pronation, supination, or swing phase inconsistency, the Bunny helps to realign their base of support for improved stability. Full wrap-around flexible support and compression encompass the foot, whilst proprioceptive input is provided by the Bunny’s well-defined plantar surface. Its solid outer foundation adds extra arch support and heel stability, and its proximal straps aid frontal plane control and influence mild resistance to excess sagittal plane motion.

Features and benefits

  • High proximal “ears” provide additional medial and lateral control
  • Proximal posterior strap adds frontal plane control whilst offering mild resistance to excess plantarflexion. Can be replaced with anterior/posterior wrap-around strap
  • Solid outer foundation provides additional support and heel stabilisation
  • Full-wrap inner liner allows full alignment control of the heel, mid-foot and forefoot


  • Fully-correctable foot problems
  • Moderate to strong pronation and associated gait instability
  • Benefitting from sensory feedback from fully contoured foot bed
  • Mild swing phase instability
  • Excess plantarflexion presented as mild toe walking or knee hyperextension
  • Requiring some resistance to plantarflexion

Measuring Guide

Trace the foot of the patient and measure the length of the foot length in inches from the middle of the heel to the middle of the longest toe. Then add ¼” to ½” extra length for growth if required.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left Pink)Product Code (Right Pink)Product Code (Left Blue)Product Code (Right Blue)Foot Length + Growth Room (Inches)Measurement Illustration
15FK1059-1-LFK1059-1-RFK1060-1-LFK1060-1-R4.00 “
16FK1059-2-LFK1059-2-RFK1060-2-LFK1060-2-R4.25 “
17FK1059-3-LFK1059-3-RFK1060-3-LFK1060-3-R4.50 “
18FK1059-4-LFK1059-4-RFK1060-4-LFK1060-4-R4.75 “
19FK1059-5-LFK1059-5-RFK1060-5-LFK1060-5-R5.00 “
20FK1059-6-LFK1059-6-RFK1060-6-LFK1060-6-R5.25 “
21FK1059-7-LFK1059-7-RFK1060-7-LFK1060-7-R5.50 “
22FK1059-8-LFK1059-8-RFK1060-8-LFK1060-8-R5.75 “
23FK1059-9-LFK1059-9-RFK1060-9-LFK1060-9-R6.00 “
24FK1059-10-LFK1059-10-RFK1060-10-LFK1060-10-R6.25 “
25FK1059-11-LFK1059-11-RFK1060-11-LFK1060-11-R6.50 “
26FK1059-12-LFK1059-12-RFK1060-12-LFK1060-12-R6.75 “
27FK1059-13-LFK1059-13-RFK1060-13-LFK1060-13-R7.00 “
28FK1059-14-LFK1059-14-RFK1060-14-LFK1060-14-R7.25 “
29FK1059-15-LFK1059-15-RFK1060-15-LFK1060-15-R7.50 “
30FK1059-16-LFK1059-16-RFK1060-16-LFK1060-16-R7.75 “
31FK1059-17-LFK1059-17-RFK1060-17-LFK1060-17-R8.00 “
32FK1059-18-LFK1059-18-RFK1060-18-LFK1060-18-R8.25 “
33FK1059-19-LFK1059-19-RFK1060-19-LFK1060-19-R8.50 “
34FK1059-20-LFK1059-20-RFK1060-20-LFK1060-20-R8.75 “
35FK1059-21-LFK1059-21-RFK1060-21-LFK1060-21-R9.00 “

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