Asymmetric® Plus

The Bort Asymmetric® Plus provides elite stabilisation of the patella in the correct anatomical position. It’s vector correction filaments and innovative strap system enables individual gradual guidance of the patella. The Bort Asymmetric® Plus includes individually adjustable joint splints.

Features and benefits

  • Soft brace made of textile with joints to facilitate movement of the patella
  • Lateral silicone half ring
  • Side joint splints
  • Circular fastening straps on the thigh and lower leg
  • Compression class II
  • Plus size system, resulting in very good fitting


  • High riding patella
  • Patellar lateralisation
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Patellar luxation or subluxation combined with lateral ligament instability
  • Post-operative

Measuring Guide

To find your size in the Asymmetric® Plus, measure the thigh circumference 15 cm above mid-patella and the calf circumference 15cm below mid-patella.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code (Left)Product Code (Right)Thigh Circumference (cm)Calf Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
111499211498232-36 cm26-29 cmThe image shows an orthotic measurement illustration
211499311498336-40 cm29-33 cm
2+11499411498440-44 cm29-33 cm
311499511498540-44 cm33-37 cm
3+11499811498844-48 cm33-37 cm
411499611498644-48 cm37-41 cm
4+11499911498948-52 cm37-41 cm
511499711499752-56 cm41-45 cm
5+11499111498156-60 cm41-45 cm
611500011497060-64 cm45-49 cm
6+11500111497164-68 cm45-49 cm

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