Areli Therapeutic Footwear

Areli footwear is the perfect combination of functionality and style – essential in promoting the continuity of patient treatment. Each shoe is made with high quality materials, offering a variety of models with different styles.

There are several ranges to cover all needs as a solution to the different problems of patients, but with one benefit in common: foot comfort.

Areli elastic is the most flexible shoe range, with the elastic raw materials helping to alleviate pressure and pain on problematic areas. The elastic range is also suitable for the diabetic patient.

Features and benefits

  • Areli Elastic offers more flexibility than many competitors
  • Wide toe shoes made of lambskin and elastic tissue provide a feeling of comfort
  • Comfort provided by the inner padding
  • Shoes include LAT-air to absorb shock
  • The shoe fits the foot shape, avoiding undesirable overpressure and ensuring comfort


  • Arthritic feet
  • Neuropathic feet
  • Diabetic feet
  • Post-operative

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