Alpha® Socket Pads

Relieve pressure points or sensitive areas in the socket while maintaining total surface weight bearing by incorporating these fabric-covered pads into the socket. Alpha Socket Pads are available in four shapes: circular, small oval, large oval, tear drop. The pads are sold in sets of four pads and come with complete manufacturing instructions.

Features and benefits

  • Available in four different shapes
  • Fabric-covered gel pads
  • 6mm or 12mm thickness

Recommendations for use

  • These pads can be integrated into the socket during manufacturing to relieve pressure in sensitive or bony areas.


Ordering Information

Part no.Description
ALA-S1Circular 12mm
ALA-S2Small Oval 12mm
ALA-S3Large Oval 12mm
ALA-S4Tear Drop 12mm
ALA-S5Four different shapes 12mm
ALA-S6Circular 6mm
ALA-S7Small Oval 6mm
ALA-S8Large Oval 6mm
ALA-S9Tear Drop 6mm


Circular 12mm6.4cm1.3cm6.4cm
Small Oval 12mm8.8cm1.3cm6.4cm
Large Oval 12mm11.4cm1.3cm6.4cm
Tear Drop 12mm1.3cm1.3cm6.4cm
Four Different Shapes 12mmN/AN/AN/A
Circular 6mm6.4cm1.3cm6.4cm
Small Oval 6mm8.8cm1.3cm6.4cm
Large Oval 6mm11.4cm1.3cm6.4cm
Tear Drop 6mm1.3cm1.3cm6.4cm
Four Different Shapes 6mmN/AN/AN/A


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