Alpha® SmartTemp Liners

Combining medical-grade silicone with the heat management technology of Outlast®, the revolutionary SmartTemp gel regulates heat by responding to fluctuations in skin temperature. The silicone gel and Outlast material absorb and store heat from the limb, enhancing comfort and delaying the onset of sweating. As the body cools, the stored heat is released, maintaining a stable and comfortable socket environment.

Features and benefits

  • Outlast technology regulates socket heat and stabilises skin temperature
  • Low flow prevents silicone migrating away from sensitive areas
  • High rebound maintains original gel shape
  • Suitable for medium to high activity levels
  • Compatible with elevated vacuum systems

Gel profiles

  • Uniform: 6mm uniform thickness, with 3mm less gel posterior to allow for less bulk behind the knee and easier knee flexion
  • Progressive: 9mm gel distally and 6mm along tibial crest for increased protection. 2.5mm posterior to the knee and proximally to allow for easier knee flexion

Alpha SmartTemp Liner can retrofit with any Alpha Liner which has the same Progressive or Uniform profile. This means patients don’t need to switch socket to switch liners, making it easier to accommodate a whole range of lifestyle activities.

Fabric types

  • Select: A durable one-way stretch fabric, allowing the liner to be stretched circumferentially whilst maintaining elongation within specified limits. It also helps to control pistoning without a distal matrix

Uniform Ordering Information

Gel ProfileSizeDistal MeasurementProximal Measurement
UniformMedium Plus200-280mm330-500mm
UniformLarge Plus280-400mm400-600mm
UniformExtra Large330-450mm430-650mm

Progressive Ordering Information

Gel ProfileSizeDistal MeasurementProximal Measurement
ProgressiveSmall One140-220mm190-320mm
ProgressiveSmall Two160-230mm210-320mm
ProgressiveMedium One200-240mm260-440mm
ProgressiveMedium Two240-290mm290-440mm
ProgressiveMedium Plus One200-240mm300-540mm
ProgressiveMedium Plus Two240-290mm330-540mm
ProgressiveLarge One280-320mm330-640mm
ProgressiveLarge Two320-360mm360-640mm
ProgressiveLarge Plus320-390mm410-800mm
ProgressiveExtra Large370-450mm460-900mm
*Medium Plus 3 available by special request only



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