Alpha® SmartTemp Gel AK Symmetrical Liner

A premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel that is combined with the heat management properties of a phase change material (PCM). This heat absorption technology allows the liner to absorb and store heat from a residual limb, and delay the onset of sweat. The liner releases the stored heat as the body cools down, stabilising the skin temperature.
This proprietary blend of TPE gel and heat absorption technology provides our most comfortable and protective liner yet.

Features and benefits

  • The only gel liner with heat management technology
  • Reduced sweating
    • Can help reduce tissue break down
    • Can improve suspension.
    • Premium gel that is comfortable, supportive and highly durable
Interface Material: Smarttemp Gel
  • Alpha Silicone AK Liners
  • Silicone AK Symmetrical
Product Part Number: P44 Category:


Symmetrical Profile

The symmetrical profile has increased thickness distally to provide increased comfort and protection. This tapers to 2.5mm proximally for easy donning, and a thinner edge when cutting. Being uniform circumferentially means that it can be rotated by the user to increase its lifespan.

  • 9mm distal end
  • Thins to 2.5mm proximally
  • Uniform circumferentially

Select Fabric

The Select fabric is WillowWood’s most durable and comfortable offering. Through the utilisation of unidirectional stretch material, pistoning is eliminated without the need for a distal matrix. This also means that it is easier to don for the user, and can accommodate more volume fluctuations, without the need for a new liner.

Features and benefits

  • Unidirectional stretch – eliminates pistoning without a distal matrix
  • Increased durability
  • Easy to don
  • Can accommodate volume fluctuations

Accordion Umbrella

The accordion umbrella increases socket comfort by conforming to the shape of the underlying residuum, reducing stress and providing a more uniform pressure distribution. The umbrella size correlates to the liner size, meaning equal comfort and conformity across all sizes.

Additional information

Interface Material

Smarttemp Gel

Amputation Level


Outer Fabric


Suspension Type

Locking – Accordion Umbrella, Cushion


AK Symmetrical


Pressure Relief, Temperature regulation


Extra Large, Large, Large Plus, Medium Plus

Classic gel Volume Management Pads ordering information

Product PrefixSize
Volume Management Pads
ALA-VM-SMVolume Management Pads, Small, set of 3
ALA-VM-MDVolume Management Pads, Medium, set of 3
ALA-VM-LGVolume Management Pads, Large, set of 3


SmartTemp Gel Sales Sheet

SmartTemp Gel: Hot Room Study Research Summary

SmartTemp Gel Product Sheet

Alpha Liner Manual

Alpha Liner Size Guide

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